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About Us

Article & Thread Boutique was started in 2014 because of the owners love for clothing and style. Jennifer Myers received her Bachelor of Science degree in Textiles, Apparel, Merchandising from Louisiana State University as well as a Master's in Business Administration from the University of New Orleans. With her studies and along with her passion for fashion she decided to pursue her dream of owning her own clothing boutique. She believes that it’s one of our freedoms to express ourselves by the clothing we wear and that using fashion to experiment with our own unique attributes can be a therapeutic way to explore every facet of our personalities.

Personal style is at its best when it brings out your best qualities that makes you look and feel your best inside and out. Simply stated, when you look good you feel good. This is why we want to offer pieces that inspire women of all ages to express their personal style. By providing the latest trend setting styles, as well as classic pieces that every woman should own, we hope to embolden our customers to feel inspired and confident every day. No matter what age, size, or gender we call ourselves, we can all express ourselves by our clothing and style.

Customer feedback is extremely important to us. There's nothing quite like an unbiased review to help Article & Thread provide the best customer service.