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Tips To Wearing Blazers

Posted on March 02 2016

Tips To Wearing Blazers-Article & Thread Boutique

One of my absolute favorite items of clothing to wear is a blazer. There is something that I love about layering in general and the sophistication and style of a blazer. Now a blazer can be worn with just about anything from shorts, jeans, dresses, skirts, and dress pants- but the trick is to pick the right cut that compliments the rest of your outfit... Some are easier than others.


Dresses: A blazer is a great way to be able to wear a summer dress all year long. As for picking the cut and fit of the blazer with a dress, any length will work as long as the blazer is not too oversized or loose. A nice general rule would be the looser the fit and the larger the amount of fabric in the dress, then the more fitted and shorter the blazer should be.

Jeans & Pants

This is wear almost any blazers cut and style will work. Whether it is hip length or longer, waist length, or cropped it will probably look great. Pairing a blazer with pants is much less tricky than anything else. 

Now, like I've said before... We should really ignore any fashion "rules"  because it is not that cut and dry. It's not like this is engineering or rocket science (see what I did there). One thing I do believe is that every girl needs a great black blazer!

women in black blazer

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