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The Misconceptions of Fashion & Style

Posted on January 07 2016

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I've learned over the years that the only fashion "rules" that should exist are the ones that you create for yourself. Now this can hold you back from trying things that would have turned out amazing but everyone should know what does and does not look good on them. The following are fashion concepts that everyone should forget about.


I hate that word. Some of the best outfits are the ones that other people would have never thought go together. I am impressed the most when someone is wearing something that looks great that I would not have thought to put together, and it inspires me. In my opinion, those people are the most stylish. Different patterns is a no-no, navy and black together is bad, shoes matching purse is a must; forget about them all! 

Colors Of The Season.

For sure there are certain colors that represent the fashion season but it's nothing to live by. Remember when people said you couldn't wear white after Labor Day? How boring is that. I love an all white outfit in the middle of winter, gorgeous. Wear burgundy and black all summer, it's more about the materials and garment styles that differentiate the seasons.

Fashionable Means Expensive.

Absolutely Not! It may be easier to be fashionable if you have a surplus of expendable income but on the contrary this can even lead to just being straight tacky. Finding fun, trendy, and quality fashion is easy because it is everywhere and good deals are everywhere now. The trick is choosing what looks and fits best. Most items (even high fashion) will not fit perfectly off the rack so spend a couple bucks and get things altered. You can put together a gorgeous outfit but if something doesn't fit right then it's all a waste.

There are others I could go into detail on but I will stop with the most important (in my opinion that is)


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  • Stephanie : July 06, 2016
    gravator image

    Too matchy is very unappealing to me. I just think color goes with color. Whatever you choose…that works on YOU!

  • Stephanie Pinsinat: February 03, 2016
    gravator image

    I agree with the “matchy matchy!” Hate it. Mix it up and be you!

  • Stephanie Pinsonat: February 03, 2016
    gravator image

    I totally agree with the matchy matchy. Hate it! Mix it up and be you!

  • Lesley : January 15, 2016
    gravator image

    Love the white after Labor Day comment, of course you can wear white!!! Do whatever makes you feel good. Love this blog and love this site!

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