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The Circle of Fashion

Posted on January 14 2016

The Circle of Fashion-Article & Thread Boutique

The very first thing I remember being taught when I started my Merchandising degree was that fashion is a never ending circle. I wish I still had the textbook that showed the graphic with a circle that never ended. I also wish that I had kept all of my clothes that I thought I would never wear again because they ended up coming back in style! There's a distinct difference between fad and fashion. A fad's life cycle can be represented by a line graph that goes up with it's popularity and then down to its death. I am grateful for this because there are many fad's that I am glad did not last and should never come back i.e. jinko's, butterfly hair clips, crocks (no offense anyone). But what makes fashion so different is that it's represented by a circle. It comes into style, it goes out of style but it never dies because it will be back with vengeance some day! 

I was reminded of this today when I went to a local consignment shop to try and sell clothes that I didn't want anymore. The guy looking over everything I brought did not want many of my items but the one that shocked me the most was my boot cut 7 Jeans

I didn't really care that he didn't take some of my clothes but I still asked "not these?". He said yeah, because they are boot cut and not 'in style'. Smh I told him that they are back and that I love a good boot cut or flare jean. Don't get me wrong, I love my skinny jeans and have worn the hell out of them for the last couple of years but wth. He even asked "in Baton Rouge?" and I replied hell yeah. I am sure he has ways of maintaining his inventory but I CAN NOT wait until he realized that people are wearing boot cut and flare jeans again. Rachel Zoe, shout out to my style icon, has always rocked flare jeans from the get go. 

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