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Glitter & Gossip WBUZ95 Radio

Jennifer Myers

Posted on June 22 2018

Glitter & Gossip WBUZ95 Radio-Article & Thread Boutique

For a long time I have wanted to start a podcast. I don't really have a fixed theme or topic that I'd like it to be, which is probably why I have never done it, but I know that I like to talk (a lot) and think it would be so much fun. In the last couple of weeks I have finally tried something very similar, I was a guest on my friend's and fellow business owner, Kelly Hutchinson Chappuis, new radio show called Glitter & Gossip.

Glitter & Gossip's first promo photo

I was an interviewed guest on their second airing show where they asked questions about what it's like to be a young female business owner. Also, I spoke about my personal story and how and why I decided to open a boutique. Just like everyone, I hate my voice and I was worried that I'd completely bomb. When the show aired I was pleasantly surprised at how it went. You can check out WBUZ95 Radio's website to learn more about the show Glitter and Gossip.  There are three lovely ladies and brilliant hair stylist's that co-host together. Kelli Hutchinson Chappuis and Kristi Langlois open the show with current and interesting topics while Kelly M ends the show with a Guilty until proven fabulous segment that is so good. 

To hear the show download the Orange Radio app and search for WBUZ95 radio.

So with all that said, now I really want to start a podcast. Who knows, maybe I will even start a youtube channel! 


XOXO Jennifer

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