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Pinch Me Please

I got married back in June and went on the most amazing honeymoon that I could possibly imagine. And that isn't really up for debate. The pictures say it all....

Jenn and Don standing on dock overlooking blue water

From the moment we landed in Bora Bora it was absolute bliss. I've never felt such perfect weather and it was quite breezy the day we got there.  I'm wearing my Kate Spade "Just Married" Tee, which I wore on the flight over. It was so comfortable and I even heard these young girls taking about how cute it is while we were checking in.

Jenn sitting on dock over clear water wearing pink shirt

Good Morning! Secret is out! I love my Husband

tanning on deck with hat and white one piece swim suit

Just relaxing and taking in the view. I've never been so relaxed in my entire life. Wearing my white with blush ribbon H&M hat to block the South Pacific ray's off my face.

Jenn standing on dock overlooking scenery wearing blue crochet swimsuit

Over cast day yet still so beautiful. Crochet swimsuits never do you wrong.

Drinking Champagne on our over-water bungalow deck. More from H&M with the swimsuit and sarong.

Wearing Trophy Wife tank top while standing on the deck

"Trophy Wife" tee that my mother insisted I buy. Got it from a store I like in town.

#shoplocal or at

Jenn standing next to the ocean with palm trees

Trip of a lifetime. I can only hope that I will make it back there again one day. Till we meet again.

XO | JM, Article & Thread

p.s. If you or anyone you know are going to Tahiti or Bora Bora let me know. I would love to give any tips or advice. [email protected]

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